IPL Laser Hair Removal

A Non-invasive Treatment For The Removal Of Unwanted Hair (intense pulsed light) The non-invasive iskra pulsed light therapy is based on the principle of selective photothermolysis. The process involves local selective absorption of an intense light pulse at wavelength spectra that are absorbed by the desired targets.The three most relevent targets are melanin (in skin and hair follicles) haemoglobin (in blood vessels) and porphyrins (acne).

The target absorbs the directed light energy which is then transformed into heat, raising the temperature in the selected area to that sufficient for coagulation. This way the target can be destroyed selectively without damaging the surrounding tissue.

Treatment will be required at regular intervals because the follicle can only be damaged when in the growing stage. IPL removes the blood supply to the dermal papillia.


  • Lip £155
  • Chin £155
  • Underarm £300
  • Bikini £250
  • Extended Bikini £280
  • Brazilian £430
  • Hollywood £450
  • Half Arm £450
  • Half Leg £850
  • Full Leg £1350
  • Back £700
  • Chest £600

All prices shown are inclusive of a full course of 6 treatments which are needed to achieve maximum results

All consultations & patch tests are free of charge

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